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Reaching Your Financial Potential
Requires a Complete Approach

…because financial decisions made in isolation can be very costly

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Our Wealth Managers take a forensic approach to investigating your financial opportunities

Finding the optimal mathematical combination of financial strategies requires an in-depth analysis of your current financial position and personal objectives.

Peak wealth performance comparison

A complete approach to growing your wealth involves consideration of all available financial strategies and opportunities that exist within Australia’s Banking, Investment, Superannuation and Taxation systems.

This ensures every dollar contributes to building your financial position.

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Compare two families exposed to the same annual salary increases, property and investment growth, household expenses and lifestyle level with two very different financial futures…

We utilise the major asset classes

The expertise of our experienced wealth managers across all asset classes ensures your portfolio is tailored to achieve superior returns while minimising risk.



Buying property is one of the largest and most important investments you’ll ever make. It should be thoroughly researched and critically evaluated.



Utilising shares within an investment portfolio is a complex area that requires sound financial advice and a degree of careful decision-making.



Considered a defensive asset, cash-based investments, such as bonds, debentures, term deposits etc, are an important part of every well-diversified portfolio.

Optimal performance is achieved when asset selection is made in consideration of your overall wealth management plan.

Nexus Private are independently owned, non-bank aligned, qualified financial advisers. 
We are product agnostic and do not sell our OWN financial products or property. Product selection is based on ‘market competition’ and what is in the best interests of our clients.

Brisbane wealth managers that structure your finances
for optimal performance

Effective financial structuring and investment management can achieve substantial savings in tax, bank interest, product fees, professional fees, and risk.

Cash Flow Management

Cash Flow Management

Generating wealth is a process of balancing equity utilisation with cash flow management. Risk profiling, capacity, affordability, contingency planning, cost of funds, and valuations are all important factors in this process.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

An investment portfolio should consider asset allocation, diversification, rebalancing frequency, and be tailored for individual financial circumstance and objectives.
Debt Structuring

Debt Structuring

Debt structuring is a crucial part of wealth creation and can have a profound effect on the taxation of your cashflow.

Superannuation / SMSF

Superannuation / SMSF

A self managed superannuation fund (SMSF) can provide growth opportunities not available via industry or retail superannuation funds.
Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate planning strategies provide you with the comfort and peace of mind that the right people will receive the benefits from your legacy, at the right time, and in a manner that you deem appropriate.
Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk management strategies do not need to be expensive or have a significant impact on your personal cash-flow position. However, effective income and asset protection strategies are an important part of ensuring your wealth plan and the security of your family.
Gearing Strategies

Gearing Strategies

A carefully constructed Gearing Strategy can be used to accelerate the process of wealth creation by enabling you to make a larger investment than would otherwise be possible.
Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Tax planning strategies can provide opportunities for high income earners and investors.

Over 50 wealth creation strategies are considered (and utilized if appropriate) to achieve optimal wealth performance for our clients.

The compounding effect of combining multiple strategies can be significant.

We deliver a foundation for scalable wealth building

Coordinating your financial position using the optimal mix of assets and financial strategies ensures you realise your full wealth potential.

Tax Savings

Strategic Tax Planning is the process of organizing your affairs to take advantage of the many legislated incentives designed to encourage wealth creation. Done well, strategic tax planning can result in substantial tax savings, improving your cash flow and growing your personal wealth.

Interest Savings

Have you ever calculated how much interest you will pay on your short and long-term loans? Effective structuring and product selection can mean saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in bank interest.

Professional Fee Savings

Financial services are typically delivered in a scalable and siloed manner, without consideration given to your entire wealth plan. Getting advice from multiple professionals can be conflicting, expensive, and compromise the performance of existing structures.

Product Fee Savings

Receiving advice on, and having access to, a wide range of products and suppliers within all of the financial disciplines (financial planning, property, SMSF services, lending, accounting, legal) ensures you get the right product, for the right job, at the right price.

Risk Management

Whether it’s to protect your income, your assets, your health, your business, your family, or your investment plans… there are a number of strategies that can be employed so that your wealth plan can continue to perform at it’s peak potential.

Equity Utilisation

Utilising equity for investment purposes requires a depth of knowledge and experience. Risk profiling, affordability, contingency planning, cost of funds, and valuations are all important factors in making the most of your current financial position. Under-utilisation can be costly but over-utilisation can be catastrophic.

Cash Flow Modelling

Cash is King! …and the lack of it is not only distressing but can negate even the best of investment returns. Calculating NET yields, compounding returns, or an opportunity cost is very helpful when making investment decisions. But more importantly, cash flow Modelling allows you to safely implement a mix of wealth creation strategies in order to optimise your opportunities and maximise your wealth.

Return on Investment

Investment returns play an important part in the success of your overall wealth plan. But you maybe surprised to know that, according to Core Data research, up to 80% of your overall wealth gains achieved with an adviser are achieved via optimum use of the strategies and structures mentioned above. A further 18% is usually achieved from investment asset class selection, leaving only a 2% contribution to be made from individual investment product selection. So you can see why we place so much emphasis on taking a coordinated approach to building your wealth.

= Your Optimum Financial Performance

Our qualified financial advisers, supported by a team of specialists, work harder to achieve your optimal wealth performance, so you reach your financial goals sooner.

…depending on your current financial position, very little has to change

Significantly improving your financial position can usually be achieved without drastically changing your lifestyle or spending habits.

Put the Nexus Private team to the test

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Protected by our Zero-Cost Guarantee. Protected by our Zero-Cost Guarantee.
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Nexus Zero-Cost Guarantee

If you proceed with a Nexus Private Statement Of Advice (SOA) and the strategic recommendations presented do not deliver new opportunities to do more with the money you have, you will not be charged a cent!

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