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Nexus Private brings all of your professional advice needs together under one adept roof.

Do your financial advisers communicate with each other to achieve optimal financial outcomes on your behalf? Does your accountant or banker present concepts to your stockbroker or solicitor in a way that links their ideas and strategies together? Are you wasting your time and money meeting with financial planners, mortgage brokers, solicitors, accountants, and property agents only to be confused about how to manage it all and how it all pieces together? With so much taxonomy throughout all of the industries that surround finance, for someone who’s not immersed within it, everything can get slightly confusing. At Nexus Private we help you understand and complete the puzzle, allowing wealth creation in a much more straightforward way.  We pride ourselves on cutting through the research and technical jargon and presenting it in a way our clients can easily understand and make decisions on. We consider life’s critical financial decisions with a strategic and holistic approach in order to achieve the things that are important to you, because that’s what really matters.

As independently owned, non-institutional financial advisers we are product agnostic. Our skillset expands across several areas of wealth management including property investment and self-managed super funds (SMSF). Our team of skilled and experienced wealth creation managers have access to a wide range of investment & superannuation funds, mortgage lenders, insurance companies, and property developers/property agents without any volume hurdles, volume bonuses, or restrictions on product choice. We are a ‘Fee for Advice’ business and do not sell our OWN property or financial products. Financial product selection is based on ‘market competition’ and what is in the best interests of our clients – we can help you achieve total financial freedom through exemplary financial planning.

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