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Nexus Private brings all of your professional advice needs together.

Our wealth managers specialise in customising strategic wealth creation and management solutions across a range of financial services in order to achieve financial freedom for our clients.

We are experts in wealth accumulation and can tailor a personalised plan for you. If you’re in Brisbane and looking for investment advice, tax planning advice, or advice on how to go about organising a self-managed super fund (SMSF) we have the in-depth knowledge to help you attain the best financial outcomes.

Private Wealth Management Explained

Stephen Vick (Director of Nexus) explains what Private Wealth Management is, how it differs from traditional financial advice and what it can represent for Brisbane families who want the most from their personal finances.

Video Transcript - What Is Private Wealth Management

What is Private Wealth Management?

Private Wealth Management brings together all of the financial services required to build and protect personal wealth. These services include Financial Planning, Accounting, Legal Services, Property Investment, Mortgage Broking, and Self-Managed Super Fund administration. The goal is to have each specialist working together in a strategic and collaborative way in order to achieve optimal performance for your personal finances. Connecting these services also makes managing your finances easier and less expensive.

Who is Private Wealth Management for?

Almost everybody will require these services at some stage of their life, and it’s best to start early. However, the people who tend to get the most out of Private Wealth Management are those who have already made a start in life. They may have bought their first home or investment property, have the mortgage under control, and are now just looking to improve their finances. The majority of our clients are just average Australians who want to maximise their wealth, protect their family, and plan for their future.

How does Private Wealth Management work?

It’s very rare for any Australian to go through life without making some significant financial mistakes. And most of these mistakes are a consequence of making financial decisions in isolation and not as part of the big picture.

Creating your big picture, and reaching your wealth potential, requires comprehensive financial analysis. It also requires balancing the limited resources of both your equity and your cash-flow. This must be done in the context of your own personal goals and tolerance to risk. So getting to know you is a very important part of the process.

Bringing together a range of specialists helps find the optimal mix of strategies that will drive the best financial outcomes for you. When done well, combining these services can really supercharge your financial position.

Where to from here?

A 5 minute phone call with a qualified financial adviser is usually all it takes to see how much value Private Wealth Management can be to you. We look forward to getting to know you.

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Money and finances are major causes of insecurity and stress, and the vast majority of the population are looking to be free of financial burden. Financial freedom is something you may currently only dream about or hope for, but it doesn’t have to be an impossible goal. With help from our wealth managers it becomes something that is truly achievable.

Understanding you and making the most of what you currently have is at the cornerstone of what we do. Our qualified financial advisers explain wealth management and wealth creation concepts in a way you can easily understand. Our knowledge stems from years of industry experience in wealth management, and our success is measured by the significant gains that our clients accomplish once we’ve coordinated their financial affairs.

We take a forensic approach to uncovering the best combination of tax savings, interest savings, fee savings and return on equity for our clients. Significantly improving your financial position whilst securing your income and assets can usually be achieved without changing your lifestyle or spending habits.

Achieving what’s important to you is imperative to us, but what each individual sees as important is different – that’s why we learn as much as we can about what your wealth creation goals are, so we can put a plan together specifically for you.

Call today for an obligation free consultation with one of our friendly and qualified wealth managers in Brisbane – take the first step towards total financial freedom.

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