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At Nexus Private we can fine-tune your financials, delivering you a plan for reducing bad debt, accumulating investments and structuring your personal finances to benefit from long-term financial growth.

For many Brisbane families even a conservative approach can significantly improve financial positions without drastic changes to lifestyle or spending habits.

See how today’s financial decisions can impact your personal finances

We provide complete financial advice for the modern Australian…

Considering more than just financial planning when reviewing your personal finances

We Start By Identifying Your Financial Capacity & Immediate Improvement Areas

[Step 1] Take A Complete Financial Inventory
Our team analyse all facets of your existing financial situation – incomes, savings, assets, debts, superannuation and the capacity of your current finances for building wealth.

[Step 2] Set A Foundation For Wealth Building
From the financial analysis we look at the immediate requirements for your personal finances and focus on structuring for reducing interest, improving tax deductions, reducing fees and positioning your finances for wealth building.

We Structure Your Personal Finances For Sustainable Long-Term Growth

[Step 3] Layer Your Financial Strategies
All about your personal financial goals, how much is needed to get you there, what strategies and investments will be appropriate for achieving your goals and the structures needed to achieve your optimal wealth building position.

[Step 4] Balance Finances for Performance and Affordability
Work the numbers back – income, projections, investment analysis, cash flow modelling and your risk profile. The aim is to deliver your goals without compromising lifestyle and within your time horizon and risk tolerance.

We Deliver A Personalised Financial Plan & Implementation Strategy

[Step 5] Explain Your Financial Action Plan
Bringing it all together with an implementation plan that is unique to your circumstances. Your financial plan summarises your goals, our recommendations for meeting those goals and why our recommendations are appropriate. Your implementation plan sets out all items to be actioned by Nexus Private on your behalf, and the time frames involved, so that you have a complete guide to follow along the way.

[Step 6] Support You To Maintain Financial Momentum
This is where you start to see real growth in your personal finances, there is more discretionary income from investments, and equity is abundant, financial goals are reassessed and new opportunities are explored.

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We Do Things Differently At Nexus Private

The amount of unrealised potential in the personal finances of Australians is staggering, however with a complete approach there are very few people whose financial positions can’t be significantly improved by our 6 step financial advice process.

For a conversation that considers your complete financial situation, not just one aspect of your personal finances…

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