Financial Advice for FIFO Workers
Stephen Vick
31 May 2017

Advice for FIFO Workers who want to set themselves up

FIFO work comes at a heavy cost, away from your family for weeks on end missing Christmas and birthdays, working 12.5 hour days in 45-degree heat, 130 decibel noise, dust, constant danger around machinery, the loneliness – there are times the income hardly seems worth it. Still, there is notRead More
Who can buy property in super
Stephen Vick
30 Mar 2017

Who can buy property in super?

The first thing you will need to do to buy property with your super is to establish a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF). To be a member of your own Self-Managed Super Fund you must meet the following criteria: Be 18 years or older, An Australian resident, Not bankrupt, and HaveRead More
How does borrowing in an SMSF operate
Stephen Vick
8 Mar 2017

How does borrowing in SMSF operate?

Borrowing in SMSF to purchase an investment requires following a strict set of rules. Due to the risk associated with geared investments, your other investments held in the SMSF need to be protected. To achieve this, geared investments are purchased using a limited recourse borrowing arrangement (LRBA) and are heldRead More
should you invest for the fringe benefits
Stephen Vick
23 Feb 2017

Should you invest for the fringe benefits?

Emotions can play a big part when investing. It’s easy to let our emotions and our biases get in the way when making investment decisions. Another example of where emotions can get in the way is when we buy investments for the Fringe Benefits. For instance - you really loveRead More