How does borrowing in an SMSF operate
Stephen Vick
8 Mar 2017

How does borrowing in SMSF operate?

Borrowing in SMSF to purchase an investment requires following a strict set of rules. Due to the risk associated with geared investments, your other investments held in the SMSF need to be protected. To achieve this, geared investments are purchased using a limited recourse borrowing arrangement (LRBA) and are heldRead More
should you invest for the fringe benefits
Stephen Vick
23 Feb 2017

Should you invest for the fringe benefits?

Emotions can play a big part when investing. It’s easy to let our emotions and our biases get in the way when making investment decisions. Another example of where emotions can get in the way is when we buy investments for the Fringe Benefits. For instance - you really loveRead More
staff holiday plans
Stephen Vick
23 Dec 2016

The Nexus team sharing their 2016 holiday plans

Sometimes we get so caught up earning a living, that we often forget what’s important, which may explain why it took our team a little while to open up about their holiday plans. Once they did, however, they had some fun with it. WARNING: Things may get a little personalRead More
Stop pursuing someone else’s investment plans
Stephen Vick
8 Sep 2016

Stop pursuing someone else’s investment plan

Stop asking people what you should be doing with your money Stop asking people what types of investments you should be buying Stop asking people what you should be doing with your Super Stop asking people what is happening in the markets Stop asking people how often you should beRead More
when will it stop being about money
Stephen Vick
26 Aug 2016

When will it stop being about the money for you?

For as long as you can remember it’s been about the money if it wasn’t how would you get by? There are bills to pay, the mortgage to cover, mouths to feed, clothes to buy, cars to service, school fees due... Life hardly leaves you the mental energy to think aboutRead More
why on earth would you invest?
Stephen Vick
28 Jul 2016

Why on earth would you invest?

Every day you are bamboozled by media noise screaming financial crisis at the slightest market dip; the second investing is mentioned the armchair experts, BBQ boffins, colleagues and family members are quick with their opinion; and depending on where you are in life, there are plenty of other financial prioritiesRead More