how property in super differs from a standard property purchase
Stephen Vick
7 Jul 2016

The 10 Ways Buying Property in Super Differs from Normal Property Purchases and How Being Informed Can Result in a Smoother Property Transaction…

Super is an alternative avenue for property investing that has very little, to no, impact on personal finances or your future borrowing capacity. Even though the superannuation space is highly regulated, with a thorough understanding, the rules and regulations serve to make a property purchase in super a very straightRead More
brisbane property investment market
Stephen Vick
22 Mar 2016

Property Investors Drawn to Brisbane’s Affordability

Great news for Brisbane property investors as REIQs recent quarterly report (below) again places the Brisbane market as strongest in the state. Brisbane reached new highs with median house prices growing 1.6 per cent (6.1 per cent on 12 months ago) representing 14 consecutive quarters of growth, and no signRead More
are your finances performing at capacity
Stephen Vick
25 Nov 2015

How to Reach Your Capacity for Financial Improvement

Most personal finances have capacity for financial improvement… The capacity we’re talking about is based on current financial adequacy - not earning more, spending less or winning lotto – utilising your current income, savings, assets, debts and superannuation and making improvements so that your personal finances perform at their capacity. Realising your financial capacityRead More