building wealth with a mortgage
Stephen Vick
10 Nov 2015

Building Wealth With A Mortgage

Paying off the home is an important milestone, but if it means for the next 15 - 20 years you do nothing else, then you could be limiting the growth potential of your personal finances. For many Australian’s wealth is concentrated in the family home. Establishing other investment strategies while stillRead More
cash flow vs investment affordability
Stephen Vick
20 Oct 2015

Balancing Cash Flow with Investment Affordability

A fundamental building block of healthy finances is spending less than is earned, and this continues through to wealthy finances. Note: Wealth building is not sustainable if investments are causing your overall finances to run at a deficit. If your goal is wealthy finances (serviceable levels of good debt holdingRead More
finding your wealth potential
Stephen Vick
12 Oct 2015

Finding Wealth Potential in Your Personal Finances

The process we use to find the wealth potential in our client's personal finances is a straight-forward exercise and an important step for building their wealth while reducing their debt. For all Australian’s earning an income, a percentage should be put toward acquiring income-producing assets. It is a practice followed by the wealthyRead More
Yield or Capital Growth, which is a better investment choice
Stephen Vick
20 Aug 2015

Yield or Growth: What’s Driving Your Investment Decisions?

With uncertainty surrounding where interest rates are headed investors are now questioning their investment approach and revisiting the age-old debate - Should I be striving for the best capital growth or the highest investment yields? You may have heard from a friend… “It’s a great investment, the returns are higherRead More
why smsf?
Stephen Vick
16 Jul 2015

SMSFs – The Lifestyles of the Rich & the Famous

Just under 70 new SMSFs are opened every day. In the last twelve months 25,296 new SMSFs were born. Out of Australia’s total superannuation pool of $2,050,000,000,000, there is now a massive $594,500,000,000 sitting in Self-Managed Super Funds, so why are so many people making the switch? The latest superannuationRead More