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Investing in Property?

We provide property investment advice that considers long-term affordability in addition to property performance factors

Benefit from a Financial Planner’s perspective of your property acquisition – because buying an investment property should be all about the numbers!

Strategic property advice can lead to smarter investments…

Considering the long-term affordability of your property selection against the properties performance factors is essential to your investments success.

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Investments should be thoroughly researched & critically evaluated…

Creating a property investment strategy is a two-part process – where Financial Analysis is matched with Property Research delivering a long-term plan for building your successful property portfolio.

Comprehensive Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis looks at the impact of income and capital growth projections, for a selection of investment grade properties, on personal cash flow to determine optimal affordability levels and long-term financial growth.

There are a number of financial factors considered, these include:

  • Capital outlay
  • Borrowing capacity
  • Interest rates
  • Tax & ownership structure
  • Expected rent & rental growth
  • Annual expenses
  • Contingency / risk management
  • Depreciation allowances
  • Vacancy rates
  • Government subsidies

“Establishing the right financials in the beginning ensures you secure the best investment property for your situation, not borrowing capacity…”

Extensive Property Research

Our focus is on property locations and types that exhibit strong capital growth and rental income potential. The extensive research conducted by our property team considers more than just the suburbs you are familiar with in order to exceed average growth rates (We are independently owned and do not sell our own property stock).

There are a number of market factors considered, these include:

  • Demographic trends
  • Location – Employment, Transport, Infrastructure…
  • Comparative sales
  • Volume of sales history
  • Future relevance of property
  • Adjoining developments
  • Capital adequacy & quality of Builder
  • Valuations
  • Purchase price & terms
  • Other supply & demand factors

“Our Strategy Reports are compiled by an experienced team and sourced from independent agencies: CoreLogic, The Australian Bureau of Statistics and Real Estate Institute of Australia…”

property investment advice plan
*Sample of the report containing property investment advice prepared by Nexus Private Property Advisory

Nexus Private assist with every step of your property investment journey.

This is where Nexus Private property advisory group can help with professional property investment advice. Our knowledge of the property market and analytical capabilities combine to help you make sound investment decisions that are right for your circumstances…

  • Financial analysis
  • Comprehensive property research
  • Negotiation and acquisition services
  • Lending and tax planning services
  • Accounting & SMSF services
  • Insurance & Legal services
  • Pre and post settlement services

“Nexus Private Property Advisory not only facilitates a high level of service to clients, but ensure that everything is considered and nothing is overlooked in the process of securing the right investment property for your portfolio….”

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Nexus Private specialise in property investment advice

As complete wealth managers, Nexus Private employs qualified financial planners, mortgage brokers, accountants, solicitors, and property specialists. We provide an end-to-end solution for property investors acquiring their first investment property or building a complex portfolio.

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