When will it stop being about the money for you?

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26 Aug 2016
when will it stop being about money

For as long as you can remember it’s been about the money if it wasn’t how would you get by? There are bills to pay, the mortgage to cover, mouths to feed, clothes to buy, cars to service, school fees due…

Life hardly leaves you the mental energy to think about what you’re working toward or the time you need to plan things differently.

You’ve accepted long ago that you’ll be working for the next 40 years, that’s just how it is, and you know your lifestyle won’t fund itself.

Life’s moving quickly though! No sooner have you graduated and you’re back for your 20-year reunion – and while your career’s in full swing you can’t shake the feeling that you could be doing more.

You push on, you know all you need to do is continue working hard, keep focused on earning more and the bigger picture will take care of itself…

But do you know what the bigger picture looks like or will that come later… after the house is paid off… or the kids move out… or you hit retirement…

or is there something else at play, is it about money.

Are your immediate priorities preventing you from picturing life any other way?

Are you unable to imagine a future that’s bigger than what you think you deserve because the voice in your head is telling you “I can’t afford it”.

You’re not alone, Bill Gates refers to the same challenges when he observed “most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years” and we treat our finances in the same way.

Still, you can’t help thinking it doesn’t change anything, you still think it’ll always be about the money!

However, when the figures work out it stops being about the money.

Can you remember the last time you let out a sigh of relief – the deep exhale that comes after you’ve unconsciously been holding your breath, the one that leaves you feeling like a weight’s been lifted from your shoulders!

I see the same reaction when someone realises the financial path their on will afford them the lifestyle and the retirement they want – the realisation is a powerful one.

The daunting becomes trivial, what was a source of anxiety clouding your judgement, is now a source of excitement.

You see your finances will work out, and instead of thinking ‘I can’t afford it’ you start wondering what else is possible.

Will you choose to view life differently or will it always be about the money?

Stephen Vick

Written by  Stephen Vick

Stephen holds a Bachelor of Business majoring in Banking/Finance & Accounting, a Diploma of Financial Planning, a Diploma of Finance & Mortgage Broking Management, Specialist SMSF accreditation, a Real Estate Agency License, and is a member of the REIQ. He has spent 20 years in the finance industry and has held State Manager Roles with Australian Finance Group (AFG), Australian Unity, and Lawfund Australia. His last institutional role was with MLC as an advisor to financial planners.

2 thoughts on “When will it stop being about the money for you?

  1. Peta Cameron

    This is exactly how we felt after meeting with Stephen and his team, such relief that finally we are looking forward at the long term with a solid investment plan in place.

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