Investment advice supported by the professional management of your portfolio is essential for long-term sustainable growth

We take a research-driven approach to investing and this forms the basis of the solutions our qualified advisers offer to our clients.

An investment portfolio contributes income, capital growth or both to building your personal wealth and is typically comprised of various types of assets such as shares, bonds, debentures, property, managed funds, and other marketable securities.

investment portfolio explained

It is very difficult these days to keep up to date with movements in the financial markets and a watchful eye on your portfolio, especially if it contains many different types of assets. Often, a direct result of trying to manage your own portfolio is missed opportunities. This can result in a dramatic reduction in the value of your portfolio and put at risk the ability to reach your financial and personal goals.

For specific information on building an investment portfolio and what our wealth management team focuses on to align financial goals with appropriate asset selections, see Investment Selection and the Impact on Debt Reduction and Building Wealth.

Investment philosophy drives the entire investing process

At Nexus, the approach we take when establishing portfolios on behalf of our clients is to first and foremost make a plan for each individual that is reflective of their personal desires. We aim to achieve maximum returns with minimum risk within the parameters agreed to by you. To do this, we guide you through the decision process explaining concepts in terms you understand.

Part of the investment portfolio management process is to present a comprehensive plan taking account of your age, income, budget and ability to undertake and absorb risks. A Nexus Private financial adviser seeks to understand your financial needs and offer the right strategic investment vehicles for your individual circumstances. It is this unique ability to provide customised options that makes investment portfolio management a key part of our end-to-end solutions in the accumulation and protection of personal wealth.

Our investment management platforms offer comprehensive solutions including access to and reporting on a wide range of wholesale and retail managed funds, direct shares and property. This administration service reduces the complexity of managing your portfolio. It provides a flexible but simple administration and reporting process to suit individual needs and objectives.

You can be assured that here at Nexus Private, our investment managers are constantly looking for suitable investment vehicles to cater for the diverse needs and goals of all our clients.

Nexus provides regular communication with clients on portfolio performance

Nexus Private Wealth Management aims to keep clients fully informed of the performance of their portfolio. As part of the advice and implementation of any financial strategy, we provide you with regular portfolio reviews, reports, updates and recommendations. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions, request a review of the products in your individual plan or meet with your account manager to get further advice or discuss a change in your circumstances.

Our financial advisers are experienced at designing tailored solutions for individuals that offers the potential opportunity to provide targeted returns on investment within a given time frame.

A key component of our effectiveness in terms of service delivery is our collaborative approach to working with other professionals in the financial services industry to make life easier for our clients. We work closely with a number of financial service providers in a spirit of mutual cooperation including external accountants, solicitors, lenders, fund managers, administrators, platform providers etc. The networks we have created over the years benefit our clients by allowing us to execute their chosen financial strategies with a minimum of fuss.

At the nexus of this collaborative network of industry professionals is your Nexus financial adviser, understanding your needs and goals, and using this information to obtain the products most suited to develop your portfolio.

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