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All assets should be thoroughly researched and critically evaluated. This is especially true for those looking to invest in property. One or two mistakes in this area over your lifetime can make an enormous difference to your long-term wealth plan.

The right property investment can contribute income, capital growth and tax deductions to your personal finances. Selection should be based on detailed financial analysis coupled with an assessment of intrinsic values and capital growth drivers.

smarter property investing explained

Building an investment property portfolio is a popular strategy for many Australians. And armed with little more than a loan estimate from the bank manager and a list of properties advertised online, intrepid would-be investors spend their valuable weekends attending auctions and open homes, trying to secure the perfect investment. However, they often pay too much if they let their emotions take over or they tire of the search process, or worse, they settle for second-best after repeatedly “missing out”.

Buying investment property should be all about the numbers!

This is where Nexus Private property advisory group can help with professional property investment advice. Our knowledge of the property market and analytical capabilities combine to help you make sound investment decisions that are right for your circumstances.

How to achieve the best results when investing in property

Stephen Vick (Director of Nexus Private) explains how to get the best overall results from property and the most common mistakes made by investors when selecting an investment property.

Creating a successful property investment strategy in Brisbane

We believe that building a property investment portfolio is a two-part process, and getting both parts right is essential for the long-term success of your portfolio.

Part 1 – Comprehensive Financial Analysis

Before getting started, it is important to assess your personal financial situation and how your cash-flow will be impacted by any loan undertaken to finance the purchase of an investment property. In addition, an assessment of the overall performance of an investment property should be conducted – including detailed cash flow projections based on realistic assumptions of projected income, growth, expenses and add-backs. At Nexus we have qualified financial advisers who provide property investment advice as part of a long-term balanced investment strategy.

We can assist you with advice on what entity to acquire the asset within, arrange financing for the purchase, and run a number of ‘stress test’ affordability scenarios. We also consider capital gains tax consequences, your individual risk profile, future capital requirements and contingency planning to manage risk. Importantly, we consider your family circumstances and the goals you hope to achieve. We also have the skillset to organise SMSF plans and provide advice on all investments within these funds including property that may be appropriate for your fund. This number crunching can help you take the guess-work and emotion out of your property selection.

Part 2 – Property Research and Acquisition

Once you have a clear property investment strategy and have established your cash-flow requirements, you are ready to start working with the property research team at Nexus to secure the best investment property for your budget.

The research and acquisition of an appropriate direct property asset considers two key factors:

  • A comprehensive appraisal of the current market and the ability to predict the growth drivers of tomorrow.
    Uninformed investors usually buy in areas they are familiar with without realising that they are missing out on other, often better, opportunities. To achieve good long-term capital growth and rental yield the research net must be cast much wider than the a few adjourning suburbs. The Nexus Private Property Advisory team has access to the latest research to keep abreast of even subtle changes in the Brisbane property market, and can offer property investment advice that yields great results.
  • Being able to get the best deal on a quality property in an ideal location.
    Searching the internet and negotiating with a real estate agent may not be the best approach. Selling agents are contracted by the seller to get the best possible price for the property. It is also difficult to cut through the media noise and truly understand what’s going on in a particular market. Our research teams use the facts and the numbers in addition to respected market commentary when making recommendations. We also have access to new properties – off the plan, under construction and recently completed – that we secure directly from developers. Some of these are never marketed via real estate agents or advertised for sale, therefore prices are competitive and not inflated by marketing costs.

These factors drive our approach to property investment.

The Nexus Advantage

We constantly research the market and each new development project to hand pick only quality properties in the right locations to reduce risk and maximise capital growth for our clients. Our philosophy is to look for smaller, boutique style developments in the inner-city ring that will have strong appeal to both the rental market and owner-occupiers. We can also advise on house and land packages and provide you with a critical evaluation of the pros and cons of each new housing estate.

Our networks and knowledge help you save money

We aim to save you money in the short term by using our property networks and market knowledge to find the best property at a keen price that matches your budget and investment objectives. And in the long term, we think you’ll find that your investment has been a valuable one, because we can minimise bad buying decisions made by unrepresented buyers, such as buying property in secondary locations; on flood-affected land; adjoining land held for future infrastructure projects; without DA approval; or that might be adversely impacted by future developments. At Nexus, we have access to research and data that is not publicly available, which we use to take the guesswork out of your purchase and to ensure you make an informed buying decision.

How is Nexus different from other property agents?

We’re uniquely placed

As wealth managers, Nexus employs qualified financial planners, mortgage brokers, property agents, and accountants to execute well conceived investment acquisitions. We provide an end-to-end solution for property investors acquiring their first investment property or building a complex portfolio.

We’re professional

Nexus Private Property Advisory Pty Ltd is licensed by the Queensland Office of Fair Trading, and undertakes ongoing professional development in the property investment industry in Brisbane and interstate. This means we know the law regarding Contracts and what’s required of Real Estate Agents in property marketing and transactions. We’re accredited by the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ), which is Queensland’s peak professional association for practitioners in the real estate industry. As such, we are bound by a Code of Ethics and must comply with the Property Agents & Motor Dealers Act, which provides consumer protection for our clients.

We’re dedicated to excellence

Nexus utilises a comprehensive property research, evaluation and purchase methodology, and due diligence process. This not only facilitates a high level of service to our clients, but ensures that everything is considered and nothing is overlooked in the process of securing the right investment property for your portfolio. The process of purchasing a property of any type, particularly off the plan, involves many contractual and legal matters to be considered, and we ensure that you are kept informed throughout the process.

We offer properties that you cannot access yourself

While most owner-occupied residential dwellings are widely advertised on the open market using selling agents, a significant portion of new property developments are offered to buyers using established networks, without being advertised. This benefits developers in that they can secure off-the-plan pre-sales in order to minimise holding and marketing costs, which allows them to move forward with their development plans. The benefits to buyers is having access to the best stock from the best developments prior to public release.

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