You’ll improve your investment choice with an SMSF

A self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) can give you flexibility, control and investment choice over the management of your superannuation benefits. SMSFs also offer additional tax saving opportunities over retail and industry funds.

Multiple professionals such as accountants, solicitors, auditors and investment advisers will work with you to establish and maintain an SMSF.

If you’re one of the growing number of Australians who are dissatisfied with the performance of your retail or industry superannuation fund, you might be thinking about alternatives. A self-managed superannuation fund has many advantages but requires skill and knowledge to set up and maintain.

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An SMSF gives you greater control but more responsibility

At Nexus Private Wealth Management in Brisbane, we have highly-skilled and experienced wealth managers to offer advice on SMSFs and help you develop strategies for wealth accumulation. This can include property investment and other options not available through an industry or retail super fund.

When you establish an SMSF, you become the trustee of that fund. This means that you must manage your fund according to the trust deed and the laws and rules surrounding the operation of SMSFs. As most people don’t have a thorough knowledge of what this actually involves, our help will give you the confidence that your fund responsibilities are being met.

Self-managed superannuation funds explained

Stephen Vick (Director of Nexus Private Wealth Management) discusses the establishment requirements for SMSFs, the common misconceptions surrounding these funds, and what to be aware of if you’re considering establishing your own SMSF.

If you’re thinking about purchasing property using your superannuation funds

Watch our comprehensive video to have your questions answered.

Watch How to buy property in Super

You’ll get added confidence from our holistic approach

We have a network of professionals, including accountants, solicitors, auditors and investment advisers, to ensure your fund is implemented and managed in complete compliance with regulations.

Every sound investment strategy starts with the goals and objectives of the client. Superannuation is no different. Since self-managed superannuation funds are established with the sole purpose of providing retirement benefits to the fund members, it’s essential that retirement objectives are the focus of your first meeting with our expert advisors.

Getting the right advice to establish your fund is vital to achieving your unique goals. Our team of experts in Brisbane can help you get started.

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We’ll carefully tailor a plan that meets your needs

We’re a privately-owned financial advice based in Brisbane. We take a structured approach to assisting our clients, and the best way to do that is to ask some pertinent questions. We often identify areas that haven’t been thought about previously but are important to your fund’s success. You’ll get valuable advice from our experts who will highlight things that could otherwise be overlooked by cheap, non-advice SMSF service providers.

We help you clearly calculate the amount of superannuation needed to fund your retirement and work out how this superannuation can help you save tax. We’ll ask about the type of investments you’d like to hold within your superannuation. We’ll also consider why an SMSF is the best option for you, rather than a retail or public fund. With the answers to these questions clearly articulated, we can design a superannuation plan that is unique to you.

Keeping your fund compliant is a major responsibility

An overriding principle of the management of SMSF investments (including SMSF property investments) is that they must be made for the benefit of the fund members only. Personal interests must be kept completely separate from the fund, even when you’re a fund member. This must be a completely transparent process to ensure that the fund remains compliant.

One of the major benefits of holding long-term investments in an SMSF is the tax concessions that are currently available. However, the trustee is responsible for ensuring that the fund is compliant.

This involves having the fund audited annually, keeping proper records and reporting to the tax office on the fund’s operation. Here at Nexus, we have all the resources available to advise and assist you as the fund member and trustee to manage all of these competing priorities. Before you do anything further with your SMSF, contact us for a free consultation.

What our clients say…

When I was first introduced to Nexus, I was at a crossroads in my life both personally and professionally. I knew that there were ways to grow my wealth and I had an idea but didn’t have the knowledge to know where to start. I was afraid of making poor choices and risk scared me. On the first meeting, and every meeting after, I feel they truly understand my goals and dreams.

They are able to articulate strategy and raise ideas in ways that I can understand. I am always made to feel welcome and they have my back. I feel they have created an open door for me and I feel confident in keeping a long-term relationship with them. I’m excited about my future thanks to Steve and the team at Nexus Private Wealth Management.

As a small business owner, Nexus has helped me diversify my financial portfolio to enable me to create wealth outside my business, giving me added financial security for the long term. Their advice has been invaluable and I recommend their services to anyone who wants to build wealth and enhance their financial position.
With a young family we chose Nexus to ensure that the financial decisions we make today will be the most rewarding for our families future. From our first consultation Nexus has not disappointed with an exceptional team that are competent, knowledgeable and understanding. We are so glad we are part of the Nexus family.

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