Tax Accounting services delivered with careful consideration to your big picture. We specialise in returns with various types of investments, debts, trusts, and complex super strategies, ensuring every allowable deduction contributes to your overall wealth plan.

Tax Accounting considers all your available tax deductions and assess your potential for reducing your amount of tax payable each financial year.

If you are holding investments and/or complex debt structures, or is something you have been considering, our experienced accountants can assess tax efficiency and affordability.

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Brisbane Accounting Services

At Nexus Private we provide specialist accounting advice for individuals, families and small business owners who want to know what opportunities exist within their personal earnings that can improve their returns.

Tax Returns

Tax Returns

Fast, efficient tax returns with an experienced accountant who will guide you through your available deductions.
Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Review and arrange your tax affairs to keep your tax to a minimum.

SMSF Services

SMSF Services

Assist with SMSF taxation and compliance obligations.
Small Businesses

Small Businesses

Assist small business with taxation and compliance obligations, provision of business advice, entity set-ups.

Our accounting team also provide a full range of Small Business Accounting Services, for more detailed information on Nexus Privates business accounting services talk to our team on 1300 473 347.




For a personalised tax return experience that won’t cost you the earth…

Tax Accounting Services With An Investment Focus

The principal difference between Nexus Privates accounting services and other accountants is that we specialise in serving individuals and families who are investment focused; either current investors or with a view to invest.

Preparing tax returns is one thing, complementing this service with the knowledge and experience of investment specific structures and deductions is how we’re able to really contribute to improving our clients personal finances.

Good tax planning is instrumental to calculating net investment cash flow, for more details see Balancing Cash Flow with Investment Affordability.

Tax planning for improved tax returns…

how tax returns are different from tax planning

Free Tax Efficiency Review

Seeking an accountant interested in the most tax efficient treatment of your personal finances, who is prepared to dig deeper and offer advice on ways for structuring and reducing your tax payable?

 All review recipients are eligible for a $100 tax return for the 2015/16 financial year.

Why use Nexus for your Tax Accounting Needs

Our experienced Accountants provide specialise tax planning and tax return services for individuals, families and small business owners as a stand alone service or in-conjunction with our Wealth Management service.

Accounting Only

  • Complex or investment focused personal finances
  • Investment property centric finances
  • SMSF structures
  • About to or have accrued capital gains
  • Eligible for tax offsets or personal tax variations
  • A focus on improving future tax efficiency

Accounting + Wealth Management

  • Tax efficiency review of your complete financial situation
  • Proactive accounting reviews of personal finances
  • Financial advice coupled with tax accounting reviews

In addition to standard Accounting services.

The Nexus Private accounting team works closely with the wealth management team to ensure our clients receive cohesive, connected advice across all aspects of their personal finances – click here to view our wealth management services

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This information is of a general nature only and neither represents nor is intended to be specific advice on any particular matter. We strongly suggest that you seek professional financial advice before acting.