Debt Management

Debt management is an area of professional financial advice that is often not addressed.

If your debt is correctly structured you can achieve interest, fee and tax savings, which will produce additional cash flow. This cash flow can, in turn, help reduce debt levels or fund further investments.

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When your debt is structured for wealth creation, there are four key objectives:

  • Structuring debt to reduce tax payable each financial year.
  • Choosing debt products to reduce fees on complex lending facilities.
  • Configuring your financial situation to reduce interest payable on debt.
  • Balancing debt against income and expenses to improve cash flow.

Like any financial strategy, debt structuring requires careful consideration in the context of all of your other financial matters.

Caution, not all debt is good debt!

  • Bad Debt

  • Debt used to purchase non-investment, or lifestyle assets, such as cars, boats or the home you live in, is usually referred to as bad debt.

    This debt is not tax deductible so the interest can’t be offset against your personal income to reduce the income tax you pay.

  • Good Debt

  • Debt used to purchase income-producing assets, such as property or shares, is usually referred to as good debt. The interest costs associated with these assets can offset the amount of income tax you pay. This reduction in personal tax helps fund the holding costs of the assets, making further investment possible.

    Nexus can thoroughly review your financial situation and investigate the most efficient methods for replacing bad debt with good debt. Your financial position can be improved by reducing loan terms, reducing tax payable and reducing interest payable.

Top 5 debt management mistakes explained

Stephen Vick (Director of Nexus Private Wealth Management) shows how the right debt management strategy can reduce interest, fees and tax payable by highlighting the costly mistakes people commonly make when structuring and managing their debt.

Debt Structure
Consolidation Debt Reduction Reverse Mortages
Debt Recycling Debt Wash Margin Lending
Investment Structuring
There is a range of different strategies available depending on your individual situation and long-terms goals

How we can position your finances for scalable wealth accumulation.

We use the interest, fees and tax savings achieved from structuring your debt correctly, along with the incremental increases in asset value, to help achieve your optimal wealth position.

Debt structuring is just one of the strategies that your Nexus advisor can investigate. Your interest, fee and tax savings can work even harder for you with a thorough cash flow analysis, equity analysis and an asset acquisition readiness plan. With our comprehensive approach, you can be confident you’ll get a detailed plan to optimise your personal wealth.

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