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Superannuation is the most tax effective method of investing in Australia. Understanding how it can be used, both before and after retirement, can have a significant impact on your overall wealth plan.

Superannuation is a tax-efficient investment option that you can use to achieve long-term compound growth from your surplus cash flow. It’s worth giving superannuation the right attention early on, as it’s a valuable part of personal wealth building.

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Superannuation Explained

Although we all have superannuation, many people still don’t fully understand how super works or the ways it can be put to use to maximise personal wealth.  The table below is a comparison that shows how your income is taxed both inside and outside of the superannuation environment.

The tax incurred is significantly different between investments held inside and outside of superannuation. And the compounding effect of these differences can be enormous over time.  But this is just the most obvious benefit to holding investments inside super. There are a number of strategies that can help you take advantage of these concessions, even before you retire. At Nexus, we can identify these strategies and assess them against the backdrop of your entire wealth plan.


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Self-Managed Super Funds

A self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) gives you access to financial growth strategies that aren’t available with industry or retail super funds.

If you’re disappointed by the performance of your retail or industry superannuation fund, an SMSF can provide more flexibility, control and investment choice.

There are many obligations and responsibilities for the trustees of a self-managed superannuation fund and significant criminal and financial penalties can apply if these responsibilities aren’t met. It’s important to get professional advice from a qualified financial adviser before setting up an SMSF.

At Nexus, we have highly-skilled and experienced wealth managers to offer advice on establishing and managing SMSFs. When you establish an SMSF, you become the trustee of that fund and responsible for meeting legal obligations. This is a specialist area of knowledge that we can assist with.

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Our Advisers are specialists in SMSF advice and ongoing management.

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