Is buying property with your superannuation right for you? 

If you are considering using super to buy property there is value in seeking financial advice from a professional early on, even if it’s a brief phone conversation.

Correct structuring and good investment selection when buying property in super can ensure a positive cashflow to the SMSF without members needing to make additional contributions.

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Nexus Private Wealth Management is a team of professionals consisting of Accountants, Financial Planners, Mortgage Brokers, Property Agents, and Estate Planning Solicitors working together for optimal SMSF performance…

SMSF Services

We work with you to establish the fund and trustee structures, apply for the ABN and TFN, create the investment strategy document and understand the rules. We can also manage the ongoing compliance requirements to assist you in meeting your trustee obligations, organise annual audits, and perform tax returns.

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Financial Planning

Each investment strategy is different, whether it involves property investment, equities, bonds, private equity, or other asset classes. We explore the available options for achieving your retirement goals, calculate cash-flows, provide recommendations, and advise of appropriateness. We can also establish cash accounts and investment platforms, execute rollovers, close old funds, and help you meet your trustee insurance obligations.

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Property Investing

Our in-house property team can assist you with an in-depth financial analysis on selected properties and calculate the true net yield and effect on cash-flow. We can also perform comprehensive property market research, assist with the acquisition process, and ensure your property is SMSF compliant.

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Lending Services

Before implementing a geared investment strategy, we will ensure your trust deed allows for borrowing and assess whether the investment complies with your funds investment strategy, the superannuation legislation, and the borrowing rules. We can then recommended the most appropriate loan from a range of SMSF lending providers.

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One call can help you decide if buying a property in SMSF is right for your financial situation…

Common questions we answer on the first call:

  • What are the associated costs and minimum superannuation balances required for buying property in SMSF?
  • What are the benefits and risks associated with buying an investment property with Super?
  • How many members can I have in my SMSF and what if they decide to leave the fund?
  • How can I reduce the tax payable on investment income earned in superannuation?
  • What are the financial strategies available within SMSF for improving performance?
  • What impacts do various lending arrangements, trustee structures, and property types have on my SMSF’s overall cash-flow position?
  • Based on my superannuation balance and retirement plans, is investing in property an affordable and appropriate option for me?

Have a question about your Superannuation or how an SMSF can work for you?

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Client Testimonial

Our clients love what we do. Just listen to what they have to say!

Marty – Camira, QLD

Expert advice to guide you through the investment process, from beginning to end

At Nexus, we start with a personal plan that reflects your desires. We aim to establish portfolios that achieve maximum returns with minimum risk, within the parameters you define.

Your Nexus financial adviser will take the time to understand your financial needs and offer the right strategic investments for your individual circumstances. We’ll present you with a comprehensive plan that considers your age, income, budget and ability to accept risk and absorb cash-flow shocks.

Regular updates on your portfolio performance

At Nexus, we provide regular portfolio reviews, reports, updates and recommendations. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions, request a review of the products in your plan or meet with your account manager to get further advice or discuss a change in your circumstances.

A hallmark of our service is our collaborative approach to working with other professionals to make life easier for our clients. Our in-house network of accountants, financial planners, solicitors, mortgage brokers, property analysts, administrators and platform providers helps us execute your financial strategies quickly and easily.

At the centre of this collaborative network is your Nexus Private Wealth Manager, who understands your needs and goals, and works on your behalf to develop and manage your portfolio.

Why partner with Nexus?

We specialise in customising strategic solutions across a range of financial services. Nexus Private Wealth Management is privately owned and not licensed by a bank or institution. We do not sell our own financial products or property.
Wealth Management

1. We get to know your big picture

The first step is for us to understand where you are now and have a clear picture of where you want to be and the things that are important to you.

Wealth Management

2. We create tailored solutions

We prepare well-considered plans that draw on a vast array of financial strategies and practical experience to achieve your objectives.

Wealth Management

3. We implement and manage your plan

Our connected team of specialists take a collaborative approach to ensure superior outcomes now and into the future.

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What our clients say…

For many years my husband and I struggled with where to go for financial advice. We wanted somewhere that was a one stop shop and to find an adviser who would look at our whole of life needs now and for the future and be able to tailor solutions accordingly. Someone who would take the reins in some ways, to take the pressure off us, set it all up, monitor and manage it all for us.

We wanted someone who would be genuinely interested in what was the best for our family and not just pretend ... Read More

Gillian and Jeffry
Heritage Park

I have been a Nexus client for nearly 3 years now. They have always been there for me, even just to touch base when I was unwell. Nothing is too much trouble and the effort they put into finding and giving you the best comprehensive advice is tremendous. They have all been a pleasure to deal with and I feel so comfortable with them I am using them more and more for my wealth management. Super, Insurance, Property, financial planning, mortgage brokering and my accounting now all in one place. I ... Read More

James & Lisa
Hope Island

Sonya and I have been a Nexus Client since 2012 and in that time the global economy has been subject to volatile property and share market fluctuations often ending in negative growth for most investors. The investment strategies Nexus have provided us with have improved our financial position during these challenging times whist also positioning us for future growth opportunities when they arise. A combination of having strategies in place and the ongoing coaching by the Nexus staff to better ... Read More

Mick & Sonya

It has been a pleasure working with John. My first contact with him was over the phone when I was really overwhelmed with multiple decisions I needed to make to clean up my finances. He has provided clear and concise guidance to both myself and my partner reducing the stress around changing things for the future. His presentations are clear, he takes his time and really goes above and beyond what he needs to do in order to please his clients. I have since referred several of my close friends and ... Read More

Dr Heidi & Dean

I first went to Nexus about 18 months ago at which time I had just left the army and started my own business. Nexus did something I suspect very few wealth management companies would have done. They advised me to NOT pay them and wait until I was in a better financial position. This instantly tells me they are an ethical and people centric company. They could have taken my money and put me in a position of high risk, but they chose to forgo a commission to give me the most honest response possible. ... Read More

Albany Creek

We have been with Nexus right from the beginning. When we decided to start a SMSF we wanted to go with a company that could do it all. Nexus provided us with that. They know everything about us now and look after our SMSF, Trusts, business tax and personal tax. Every member of their staff are knowledgeable and approachable. We are so happy and fortunate to have found Nexus. They have made our life so much easier.


I’ve used Nexus for creating a SMSF, tax, legal and estate planning. Great team, great value and great advice over the last year.


We have had a great experience with Nexus. They were recommended by family and we too would recommend them to anybody. Steve and John took the time to explain everything and never used pressure tactics. They also made sure they really got to know us and our goals before making a plan.

Rachel & Leon

Nexus has helped my wife and I establish a holistic financial plan, including long term financial planning, as well as the recent purchase of an investment property.
Stephen and his team have always gone to the effort to understand our personal priorities, and we trust their views and advice which is informed, balanced and focused on our best interests. We highly recommend Nexus Private Wealth Management to anyone who needs financial advice.

Brett & Belinda
Heritage Park

My wife and I have been working with Nexus for a number of years now and outside of the financial advice, we have stayed for two main reasons. Firstly, the customer service is second to none and as the Nexus business grows, they manage to employ staff with the same focus on serving the customer. Secondly, the complete service offering means that we don’t need to find different providers for our super, versus our business needs versus our personal tax.


John has been working with my partner Jarryd and I for roughly six months to one year now, we are both young professionals and were looking to buy our first house. Obviously not knowing anything about the property industry or setting up long term wealth in general we really wanted to set ourselves up for the best chance of success. After meeting with John and the team at Nexus there was no question in our minds that we were going to utilise their services. John has spent copious amounts of hours ... Read More

Sarah & Jarryd

Nexus are great! The support and tailored advise received has been very beneficial. We now have long term financial goals to set ourselves up for the future. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for financial advice.

John & Sharleen

I had no experience in working with a financial advisor or wealth management group. I also did not have the time or interest to research information myself. It has been a pleasure to work with John and Steve, as they have guided me through my journey of starting an investment plan for my future. I would highly recommend Nexus for anyone who would like to grow their wealth and learn about the process while doing so.

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