Do You Feel Like Your Holiday Goals Are Financially Impossible?

Where are you now and how far are you from where you want to be? For Kelly, Vic and their two boys, they were 15,000kms from where they wanted to be…

When you think about where you are ‘now’, it’s generally not a bad place – it is comfortable, predictable and is the product of your hard work. There can come a point when you question what your hard work has achieved.

For Kelly and Vic, they reached that point about a year ago, and it was getting in the way of where they wanted to be, which was on a holiday in Greece with their two boys.

Some would consider an overseas trip an easy goal, but, for Kelly and Vic, there was a little more at play…

Ten years ago, the focus for Kelly and Vic changed with the birth of their first son (their second son was born 2 years later), since then their energy and resources have been directed to providing the best for their young boys.

Prior to Kelly and Vic starting a family, they enjoyed a number of trips to Greece to visit Vic’s family members who live there. However, this was an extravagance that was no longer affordable with their two young boys.

While Kelly and Vic have enjoyed many holidays with their two boys, these holidays were in Australia. It has been a dream of theirs to travel to Greece once their sons where old enough to appreciate the trip.

When we met Kelly and Vic, they were doing OK with money. They were getting ahead financially, but they were frustrated because it didn’t feel as though the improvement was reflected in their lifestyle.

This frustration had led them to make some poor choices with their money in the last year which had slowed down their financial progress.

To Kelly and Vic, they felt like they had been doing everything right, yet an overseas trip had to come at the expense of the more practical goals they had set for their boys, and this trade-off was overwhelming.

They didn’t know what more they could do to contribute to their holiday savings and they didn’t want their finances to suffer for years because they had to borrow money to fund their trip to Greece.

For Kelly and Vic, they were on the verge of giving up because they felt as though this trip wouldn’t happen before their boys were too old to want to spend time with their parents. A common reaction when all you can see are the downsides and you are convinced your goals are out of reach.

This type of reaction is brought about because it can be difficult to picture what you can achieve long-term. Bill Gates said it well…

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.”

Put it to the test…

For many home-owners, their house is the largest asset they hold and is a popular measure of their financial health.

If you own your home (or it is mortgaged) ask yourself the following:

Q1. What will my home be worth this time next year?

Q2. What will my home will be worth in 10 years?

Q3. What will my home be worth in 20 years?

Do you find the further out you try to forecast, the less certain the figures become?

While nobody can predict what the future holds, it is highly likely that someone who brought their home in the 80’s would not have imagined their home could one day be worth more than 10x the value?


(view property sold prices here:

For Kelly and Vic, they couldn’t see how their current financial position along with their current savings trajectory would equal an amount that would cover private schooling costs, extra-curricular activities for their boys, a saving account to support higher-education costs and an overseas trip to Greece.

At times it can be difficult to view your finances objectively…

While their immediate concern was how to fund their desired holiday, it became clear after a deeper conversation that their real concern was whether the trip would compromise the financial head start for their boys that they had been contributing to for the last ten years.

Once we showed Kelly and Vic what their options were and the different paths they could take to provide for their boys, while still being able to afford their overseas trip, they settled on the financial strategy which they felt best accommodated their needs.

Kelly and Vic were ecstatic because they could see their future mapped out and they were confident about what they needed to do to realise their objectives. We then set clear targets for them so that they knew what needed to be done to stay on track for their future.

As soon as we did this, Kelly and Vic said they felt much more confident in what they were doing. They felt like they could finally see a return on all their hard work.

They’ve since booked their trip to Greece and they are a lot more confident about their financial position.

Let’s face it, spending money is way more fun than saving money, but, when your big goals continue to go unrealised because you don’t think they are affordable, then you’re not actually enjoying spending money either.

Whether it’s an epic holiday, saving for your children’s future, or saving enough to launch your own business, it’s important not to be overwhelmed by what you don’t have, rather focus on what you do have that can help you realise your goals.

Don’t underestimate the power of seeing your plan laid out on paper and the motivation you’ll get from setting short-term targets to lay the foundation for realising your bigger goals.

With the right focus, you can enjoy the return on your hard work, and achieve what you are working toward sooner!




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