Why on Earth Would You Invest?

Every day you are bamboozled by media noise screaming financial crisis at the slightest market dip; the second investing is mentioned the armchair experts, BBQ boffins, colleagues and family members are quick with their opinion; and depending on where you are in life, there are plenty of other financial priorities to focus on.

You have likely established your preconceived ideas on different investment options and you really can’t see yourself as one of the ‘success stories’.

In my experience there are few people who ‘get’ investing, I could give you a hundred reasons why investing is right… But I know the reasons why you don’t.

You may not know what they are, but I do and they are so much more important to you than any dividend cheque you would receive.

You’ve worked hard to give your family a home and a comfortable life and you’re not going to risk all that. You either can’t afford to or couldn’t live with yourself if you lost the family savings, and you’ve seen the financial and emotional toll experienced by people in over their heads.

Life is good, you’ve worked hard, hold a good position and like the security your job affords; you also know for every hour you work you get paid an hour, and you are not taking a chance on something that could make you or your family worse off…

But is doing nothing making you better off?

It surprises me how satisfied people can be living in discomfort just because they’re afraid of change; I’m not talking about physical discomfort, but referring to the 50 years of monotony – work, bills, commitments – before retirement.

The reality is, you’re unable to picture life any other way, and you prop your spirits up with hopes and dreams that you keep at arm’s length with the lies you tell yourself…

‘One day I’ll get to that’

‘As soon as I can earn enough I’ll make a start’

‘Another year then I will give it a go’

You view work as a source of income that is essential to your quality of life and can’t image life without that financial security… But your job and your income is not guaranteed.

The problem with the majority of us is we limit our outlook to the short term, keep ourselves in a state of constant distraction and never really see our bigger picture until we’ve lived it.

So what if your income could serve a second purpose? What if you made it your goal to make your money work for you, not the other way around?

We specialise in customising strategic solutions across a range of financial services.


Nexus Private Wealth Management is privately owned and not licensed by a bank or institution. We do not sell our own financial products or property.

Wealth Management

1. We get to know your big picture

The first step is for us to understand where you are now and have a clear picture of where you want to be and the things that are important to you.

Wealth Management

2. We create tailored solutions

We prepare well-considered plans that draw on a vast array of financial strategies and practical experience to achieve your objectives.

Wealth Management

3. We implement and manage your plan

Our connected team of specialists take a collaborative approach to ensure superior outcomes now and into the future.

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