Stop Pursuing Someone Else’s Investment Plan

Stop asking people what you should be doing with your money

Stop asking people what types of investments you should be buying

Stop asking people what you should be doing with your Super

Stop asking people what is happening in the markets

Stop asking people how often you should be checking your investments

None of their answers matter…

…they won’t take you to where you want to go, how could they, you don’t even know where you want to go!

There is only one question you need to answer – What do YOU want to achieve?

Imagine there is a fallen tree blocking your path, you goal is to clear the path, a handsaw would do the job perfectly so why would you choose a chainsaw… unless you wanted to achieve more?

Investing is no different…

Before you take on the expense, risk and maintenance requirements of a chainsaw, be clear about what you want to achieve… then investigate the appropriate tools for the job.

Already clear on your goals?

This video may help you make sense of the appropriate (and not so appropriate) investment tools for your job at hand.

Image sourced from Edward Byrne

What our clients say…

As a small business owner, Nexus has helped me diversify my financial portfolio to enable me to create wealth outside my business, giving me added financial security for the long term. Their advice has been invaluable and I recommend their services to anyone who wants to build wealth and enhance their financial position.

It has been a pleasure working with John. My first contact with him was over the phone when I was really overwhelmed with multiple decisions I needed to make to clean up my finances. He has provided clear and concise guidance to both myself and my partner reducing the stress around changing things for the future. His presentations are clear, he takes his time and really goes above and beyond what he needs to do in order to please his clients. I have since referred several of my close friends and family to him following my encounter, which is not something I do often. John has spent time ensuring we are happy with the service in order to keep us as long term clients and this is something that myself and my partner really appreciate and it is difficult to find these days.

We knew we didn’t have enough cash in our super to adequately fund our retirement. Thanks to Steve and his team, we now have a structured investment and retirement plan that will see us living out our twilight years in comfort.

Our Clients

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