Considering buying property using your superannuation?

If you are considering using super to buy property there is value in seeking financial advice from a professional early on, even if it’s a brief phone conversation.

Correct structuring and good investment selection when buying property in super can ensure a positive cashflow to the SMSF without members needing to make additional contributions.

Learn about the financial requirements and structures needed for a viable SMSF

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Is buying property in super right for you?

Nexus Private Wealth Management is a team of professionals consisting of Accounting, Financial Planning, Mortgage Broking, Estate Agents, and Solicitors working together for optimal SMSF performance.


  • SMSF Services

  • We work with you to establish the fund and trustee structures and apply for the ABN and TFN. We also manage the ongoing compliance requirements to assist you in meeting your trustee obligations, organise annual audits, and perform tax returns.

  • Financial Planning

  • Each investment strategy is different, whether it involves property, shares, bonds, or other asset classes. We explore the available options for achieving your retirement goals, calculate cash-flows and provide recommendations.

  • Property Investing

  • Our in-house property team can assist you with financial analysis on selected properties and calculate the true net yield and effect on the SMSF cash-flow. We can also assist with property selection and ensure your property is SMSF compliant.

  • Lending Services

  • Before implementing a geared investment strategy, we will ensure your trust deed allows for borrowing and assess whether the investment complies with your funds investment strategy, the superannuation legislation, and the borrowing rules. 

Have a question about your Superannuation and how an SMSF can be put to work for you?

Learn about the financial requirements and structures needed for a viable SMSF

One call can help you decide if buying a property in SMSF is right for your financial situation

Common questions we answer on the first call:
  • What are the associated costs and minimum superannuation balances required for buying property in SMSF?
  • What are the benefits and risks associated with buying an investment property with Super?
  • How can you reduce the tax payable on investment income earned in superannuation?
  • What are the financial strategies available in SMSF for improving cash flow and performance?
  • What are the impacts of lending arrangements, trustee structures, property types, tax implications, and overall cash-flow positions on each other and an SMSF’s performance?
  • Based on my superannuation balance and retirement plans, is investing in property an affordable and appropriate option for me?

Nexus Private are specialists in SMSF strategies and investment property acquisition.

Our team will assess the appropriateness of purchasing property inside Super for your specific circumstances.

And explain each step in the establishment process, all associated costs and the affordability of an SMSF for your financial situation.

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