Superannuation: Australians are losing around $3.9 billion each year

With recent reports and ongoing probes by the Productivity Commission into Australia’s superannuation industry, we’re seeing more and more findings into how costly it is having multiple superannuation funds.

As Gen Y, X and Millennials buck the trend of having one job for life, having a diverse career and subsequently multiple, if not handfuls of superannuation funds are proving to be costly the long-run.

What we know is not consolidating your superannuation funds is costing Australian’s $3.9 billion dollars per year.

Having multiple superannuation funds will only ever benefit the big banks and the top industry funds. It will never benefit everyday Australians.

So, what does this mean for you? By not looking after your superannuation you’re giving away money. Don’t put it off any longer, take control and book in a time to talk to us.

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