How to Reach Your Capacity for Financial Improvement

Most personal finances have capacity for financial improvement…
The capacity we’re talking about is based on current financial adequacy – not earning more, spending less or winning lotto – utilising your current income, savings, assets, debts and superannuation and making improvements so that your personal finances perform at their capacity.
Realising your financial capacity today could mean an earlier or a wealthier retirement…
Current financial performance and financial improvement capacity graph

With time on your side minor improvements to personal finances can deliver big results – common debt reduction strategies can cut years and hundreds-of-thousands in interest from a mortgage…

Similar performance gains are available across all areas of personal finances.

How your capacity for financial improvement is reached…

By structuring your finances to maximise available savings (interest, tax and fee savings) and efficiently utilising these savings (or capacity improvements) to invest in growth, and income producing assets to accelerate the reduction of your financial liabilities and fund further investments.

The capacity of your personal finances for improvement is only limited by financial adequacy.

7 Areas Financial Performance Can Be Improved

Compared to 20 years ago, the opportunities available for improving the performance of our personal finances are abundant…

But along with this opportunity comes 3 BIG RISKS:

  • RISK #1: Financial Complexity: Just about every facet of our personal finances are interlinked and more complex than they used to be. As competition increases for your business so do the choices and options available to us. All too often, hard-won gains in one area of personal finances can be brought undone by a shortfall in another area.
  • RISK #2: Analysis Paralysis: You’re surrounded by confusing and often conflicting information about investment options, loan options, risk management options, superannuation options and tax minimisation options and how each of these areas fit best together. Without a well considered financial analysis, decisions can be hard to make.
  • RISK #3: Separating “Short Term Hype” from “Long Term Performance”: Most of what you hear in the media or from social circles is based on short term hit-or-miss options. But what you’re really after is measurable financial advice that considers your financial goals. An investment portfolio with the right balance and structure can lower you risk and improve returns more effectively than a portfolio of today’s hot picks.

For your personal finances to perform at capacity all areas need to function cohesively, this requires a thorough understanding of the following financial disciplines and how they combine to improve your overall financial performance…

How different areas work together to build your wealth…

  1. Tax Planning

Effectively structures finances and investments to reduce your tax payable, this can increase you cash flow and contribute to reducing non-deductible (bad) debt and further acquisition of income-producing growth assets.

  1. Portfolio Management

Improves investment performance relative to investment and personal objectives.

  1. SMSF / Super

Provides favourable tax treatment for your long term investments. Gearing within super is also possible and can multiply investment returns. Life, TPD and income protection insurance premiums can also be paid for with your super funds freeing up your personal cash flow.

  1. Estate Planning

Ensures your legacy is paid to your chosen beneficiaries in a timely and tax effective manner.

  1. Property Investing

Adds income-producing growth assets to your personal finances offering significant tax benefits which can improve cash flow and/or reduce debt. Positions your finances to benefit from long-term property growth.

  1. Lending Services

Fund your acquisition of income-producing growth assets. The appropriate lending structures can also contribute to reducing interest payable, loan terms and non-deductible (bad) debt levels.

  1. Financial Planning

Structures personal finances for improving tax efficiency, calculates your cash flow adequacy for servicing debts and funding investments and ensures adequate insurances and risk management strategies are in place to protect your financial position.

How you benefit from finances working cohesively…

When the different areas of your personal finances are analysed as a whole, you can quickly identify performance gains from one area that can contribute (savings, capacity and/or cash flow) to other areas of your personal finances.

Improving The Structure of Personal Finances…

Receiving limited advice and half the story from different financial service providers can leave your personal finances fragmented and performing well short of their optimum.

Structuring personal finances and investments correctly will see you benefit from sustained long-term financial growth. The right financial structures should…

A line graph with upward arrow sign

Reduce Financial Liabilities

Cut your interest payable, tax payable, debt terms, product fees and non-deductible debt through effective financial structuring.

Increase Financial Assets

Build your personal wealth via income producing assets, savings, equity and tax deductible debt through effective financial structuring and investing.

Continued Financial Growth…

By directing investment income, investment growth and structural savings (tax, interest and fee savings) toward reducing financial liabilities and increasing financial assets.

The amount of unrealised potential in the personal finances of Australians is staggering, however with a complete approach there are very few people whose financial positions can’t be significantly improved.

How financial structure benefits your personal finances…

Structuring your finances as a whole can accelerate the reduction of debt and the acquisition of investments, funding the improvement of your personal finances from savings (tax, interest, fees, investment growth and investment income) putting in place a sustainable pathway to build your wealth with minimal disruption to current lifestyle and spending habits.

The Process For Reaching Your Financial Capacity…

At Nexus Private we can fine-tune your financials, delivering you a plan for reducing bad debt, accumulating investments and structuring your personal finances to benefit from long-term financial growth.

Free Appointment – Discover Your Capacity and Improvement Potential

Stage 1: Identify Financial Capacity & Performance Improvements

We begin with a 15min phone appointment to assess financial adequacy, if there is capacity for improvement we’ll highlight areas and options for reaching your capacity. If you see value, we’ll proceed to an in-office appointment where the results of your financial inventory will be reviewed and our recommendations for structural and performance improvements discussed – All at no cost to you…

[Step 1] We Take A Complete Financial Inventory

Our team analyse all facets of your existing financial situation – incomes, savings, assets, debts, and superannuation and identify the capacity of your current finances for building wealth.

[Step 2] Set The Foundation For Wealth Building

From your financial inventory we will look at the immediate areas for improving your personal finances, focusing on structures for reducing interest and bad debt, improving tax deductions, freeing up cash flow, reducing fees and your available investment options.

Are your personal finances performing at capacity?

It is free to find out…


Protected by the Nexus Private Zero Costs Guarantee

If you proceed to Stage 2 and the strategic recommendations presented do not deliver new opportunities to do more with the money you have, you will not be charged a cent!

Stage 2: Strategy Selection For Sustainable Long-Term Growth

Stage 3: Wealth Plan Implementation and Monitoring

Your next step could be life changing…

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Get your finances performing at capacity…

Find Out Your Capacity & Improvement Options

A 15min call will help you assess your financial adequacy, determine if there is capacity for improvement and highlight the areas and options for reaching your financial capacity and life ambitions…


If you see value, at no additional cost, you can proceed to an in-office appointment where we’ll take a complete financial inventory and provide you with a foundation for reaching your financial capacity.

We specialise in customising strategic solutions across a range of financial services.


Nexus Private Wealth Management is privately owned and not licensed by a bank or institution. We do not sell our own financial products or property.

Wealth Management

1. We get to know your big picture

The first step is for us to understand where you are now and have a clear picture of where you want to be and the things that are important to you.

Wealth Management

2. We create tailored solutions

We prepare well-considered plans that draw on a vast array of financial strategies and practical experience to achieve your objectives.

Wealth Management

3. We implement and manage your plan

Our connected team of specialists take a collaborative approach to ensure superior outcomes now and into the future.

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