The Nexus Team Sharing Their 2016 Holiday Plans

Sometimes we get so caught up earning a living, that we often forget what’s important, which may explain why it took our team a little while to open up about their holiday plans. Once they did, however, they had some fun with it.

WARNING: Things may get a little personal below…

When life gets busy it can be easy to forget that money is just a vehicle for fulfilling our dreams and desires. And when it comes to financial planning, our client’s first thoughts are generally focused on how to make the most of out of their money. But we have found that once our clients relax, the conversation almost always moves in a different direction.

This transition can take many forms, but it often turns to comments such as: “we’ve always dreamed of being able to…” or “we want to make sure … is looked after”.

Whether it’s because you’re meeting someone new, traveling to an unfamiliar place or just sharing what you hope to achieve from your working life, the first appointment is a big step!

To help make that first step a little less daunting, we thought we’d forego the money talk and share with you a little bit about who we are and what is important to us.


Stephen Vick – Managing Director


Summah Barbour – Client Services Manager


Natasha Cook – Accountant


Alex Lyall – Lending Manager


Andrew Leafe – Research and Technical Analyst

James Ralph – Head of Property Advice

Belle Sakrzewski-Hetherington – Client Services Officer

We hope you enjoy the videos and please feel free to share your own holiday plans (or dreams) with us in the comment box…

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Wealth Management

1. We get to know your big picture

The first step is for us to understand where you are now and have a clear picture of where you want to be and the things that are important to you.

Wealth Management

2. We create tailored solutions

We prepare well-considered plans that draw on a vast array of financial strategies and practical experience to achieve your objectives.

Wealth Management

3. We implement and manage your plan

Our connected team of specialists take a collaborative approach to ensure superior outcomes now and into the future.

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