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We specialise in building tailor-made property investment strategies that fit your lifestyle and future aspirations.

The Ultimate Guide to Successful Property Investing

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How we help

Our expert property advisory team can help you with professional property investment advice. Our knowledge of the property market, combined with our financial analysis, research capability, and due diligence process, will help you make prudent investment decisions.

Our team will guide you through the entire property investment process including building your strategy, calculating your holding costs, assessing your funding options, analysing the risks, handling the negotiation & acquisition process, and providing pre & post-settlement services.

Our Process


We get to know you.

There is  no one-size-fits-all solution to property investment. We all have different starting positions, income & tax rates, saving capacity, risk tolerances, time frames and personal goals. What’s important to you is important to us!


We fill in the gaps.

We will take as much time as necessary to understand your knowledge and experience with investing and to explain anything you need to know in order to be comfortable with your property investment decisions.


We build your strategy.

A personalised property investment strategy should consider the Venture type, the Budget/Yield/Growth trade-off, an intelligent Funding Strategy, detailed Financial Assessment,  Sensitivity Analysis, Risk Management strategies, Ongoing Management, and most importantly…



We obtain finance pre-approvals.

We’ll assess your borrowing capacity and pre-qualify you with more than one Lender. We’ll build in buffers for cash-flow shocks, movements in interest rates, serviceability criteria, or low valuations. Consideration will be given to your overall investment plan and not simply the acquisition of one property.


We research the market.

With what we understand about you and your strategy, we’ll apply our knowledge and research tools to the broader market to shortlist a number of possible property options. We’ll also help you understand the research data so you can make informed decisions about the property you choose for your portfolio.


We perform our due-diligence.

Using our proprietary ‘20 point Due Diligence Checklist’ we assess each option across a number of areas, such as Rental Demand, Growth Drivers, Lifestyle Factors, Point of Difference, Quality of Product, and Risk Factors.


We complete the financial analysis.

We gather all ‘proof’ of financial inputs, including rental appraisals, depreciation schedules, body-corporate schedules, maintenance and management costs etc, and combine with your financial data to calculate the true holding costs to ensure we meet your cash-flow requirements.


We present to you.

Once we’re confident we have a short-list of properties that meet your brief, we will present them to you. We’ll talk you through all the pros and cons, as there is no perfect property. We’ll also provide guidance, and answer any questions to help you chose your preferred option.


We negotiate with Vendors.

Using our knowledge of the market and our years of experience, we will negotiate with Vendors on your behalf to attain the best price and terms for your property acquisition. We’ll continue to negotiate with all stakeholders on your behalf, if you require changes to finance arrangements, conditional terms, or settlement dates.


We project manage.

We take care of all the paperwork for you. We’ll guide you through the contract signing process, liaise with solicitors and financiers in relation to meeting deadlines, payment of deposits, requests for extensions if required, supplying documentation to financiers, and organising JP or Comm Dec sign-offs.


We help with pre & post settlement services.

We’ll assist with arranging building inspections, obtaining quantity surveyor’s reports, applying for tax variations, recommending conveyancing solicitors or property managers, organising finance, assessing insurance requirements, and dealing with any post settlement maintenance issues.


We provide ongoing support & management.

We provide ongoing education, support, and mentorship to help you build portfolios that really mean something to you. We also offer Property Management services to protect your assets value and ensure you receive maximum return on your investments.


We believe our process saves you time, reduces stress, and adds considerable value to your return on investment!

Utilise our experience and resources to ensure you’re at the forefront of successful property investing.

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How can we help you

We understand that the process of buying a property can be stressful and complicated, and building a portfolio of properties is next level. You may not have the time or energy to properly assess the market, the financials, the risks, and how it all fits together. Our experienced team can assist in relieving the stress and saving you time.

We can help you find the right property that suits your needs – whether you are an owner-occupier or an investor.

Speak to our friendly team today for a complimentary consultation about your current situation and what you would like to achieve with your property investment goals.

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