Our services can be combined as part of a comprehensive wealth management plan or used individually

Wealth Accumulation
Make the most of your financial position

Wealth accumulation strategies involve structuring your affairs to create the best combination of financial opportunities to increase personal wealth.

Wealth Accumulation Services

Wealth Accumulation

Financial Planning
Reach your goals with comprehensive financial advice

Good financial advice allows you to assess, plan and review your wealth position. It’s what will help you reach your personal goals and lifetime aspirations.

Financial Planning Services

Financial Planning

A Big Picture Approach to Tax Accounting

We specialise in tax returns that include investments, debts, trusts and complex super strategies. You’ll get every allowable deduction and grow your wealth to plan.

Accounting Services
Investment Advice
Pave the way for long-term sustainable growth with our professional investment advice

An investment portfolio contributes income, capital growth or both to building your personal wealth. It’s typically comprised of various types of assets such as shares, bonds, debentures, property, managed funds and other marketable securities.

Investment Advice Services

Investment Advice

Property Investing
Expert property investment advice

Quantifying property investments is an incredibly complicated business. And like all investments should be purely about the mathematical outcomes, or the numbers, and not about the emotion or any fringe benefits associated with owning property. The exact same property may well have a very different financial outcome for you than it has for someone else.

Property Investing Services

Property Investing

Mortgage Broking
Expert advice on your best mortgage

Finding the best home or investment loan is about more than the headline interest rate. It’s important to also consider how you intend to use the loan, long-term. Having access to over 40 Banks and lending institutions, combined with advice on mortgage structuring, will ensure you get the best loan for the job.

Mortgage Broking Services

Mortgage Broking

Self-managed Super Funds
You'll improve your investment choice with an SMSF

A self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) can give you flexibility, control and investment choice over the management of your superannuation benefits. SMSFs also offer additional tax saving opportunities over retail and industry funds.

Self-managed Super Funds Services

Self-managed Super Funds

Portfolio Management

Let our experienced investment managers help you navigate your way through the various decisions involved in constructing a balanced investment portfolio that matches your risk profile.

Portfolio Management Services

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Looking for Investment Advice across all major asset classes?

The expertise of our experienced wealth managers across all asset classes ensures your portfolio is tailored to
achieve superior returns for your unique set of circumstances.


Buying property is one of the largest and most important investments you’ll ever make. It should be thoroughly researched and critically evaluated.

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Utilising shares within an investment portfolio is a complex area that requires sound financial advice and a degree of careful decision making.

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Considered a defensive asset, cash-based investments such as bonds, debentures and term deposits are an important part of every well-diversified portfolio.

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Optimal performance is achieved when asset selection is made in consideration of your
overall wealth management plan.

Nexus Private Wealth Management is privately owned and not licensed by a bank or institution.
We are product agnostic and do not sell our own financial products or property.

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