A research-driven approach to investment portfolio management

An investment portfolio is made up of different types of assets such as shares, property, bonds, debentures, cash, wholesale and retail-managed funds, and other packaged securities.

These investments can contribute income, capital growth or both to help build your personal wealth. Your investment portfolio should consider all major asset classes, as well as appropriate performance structures.

Selecting the appropriate mix of asset classes, management platforms, ownership structures, investment styles, sectors and fund managers has much more of an impact on your overall investment returns than that of individual stock performance.

Our investment committee combine their decades of professional experience with industry acknowledged research to build portfolios that are tailor made for your unique set of circumstances.

Investment return graph

Balancing returns against risk

To optimise your investment portfolio we calculate which combination of investments will provide the highest returns for the lowest risk. This arbitrary destination is known as the efficiency frontier.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. We perform a suitability analysis of multiple asset classes to establish a plan that reflects your needs, goals, capacity and tolerance to risk.

Investment selection is more than picking the best stock or asset class

It’s also more than timing the market or concentrating funds in a specific market sector. We get real results through compounding performance over long timeframes. Over time, we aim to increase returns and lower risk by diversifying your portfolio across stocks, sectors and asset classes. In contrast, a short-term view increases risk and can affect your overall wealth plan significantly.

Annual asset class return from 1997 to 2016 ranked in order of performance

Looking back on the past performance of different asset classes, it’s clearly difficult to select an asset class with consistently high annual growth or avoid assets with negative growth. Diversification across multiple asset classes can help smooth out volatility without unnecessarily diminishing overall returns.

Learn more about building an investment portfolio and our approach to aligning financial goals with appropriate asset selection.

If you ignore an asset class, you may be missing an opportunity to increase returns or decrease risk


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Risk of major asset classes

In the graph, you can see that the ups and downs of asset classes tend to even out over time and the gap between the highest and lowest returns closes. A higher return over time can be achieved at a lower level of risk by combining multiple asset classes.

Sound financial advice and careful decision-making can help you navigate the complexities of structuring an investment portfolio. With our help, you can avoid unnecessary stress and risk to your long-term wealth plan.

Managing your portfolio is simple

When you work with Nexus, your personal financial performance is just a click away. Our wealth management portal offers comprehensive reporting on a wide range of wholesale and retail-managed funds, direct shares, direct property and insurance.

This all-in-one administration service provides live feeds and real-time reporting, making it easy to manage your portfolio.

Overall structure has a huge impact

With Nexus, your investment structure will be coordinated with your other financial matters, providing opportunities to improve your net position.

The right gearing structure combines the effects of loan interest and taxation savings with increases in your investment portfolio. The compounding effects of this alone can be significant but coupled with a robust asset acquisition plan, your investment portfolio becomes a dynamic component of your strategic wealth accumulation plan.

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