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Cash Flow Management

Cash flow management is a critical element of the wealth generation process. But it might surprise you to know that cash flow management has little to do with budgeting and a lot to do with matching cash flow requirements with the affordability of any financial strategy.

Cash Flow Management Services
Debt Management

Controlling your debt effectively, reducing interest paid and saving on tax are methods of financial management that are often overlooked.

Debt Management Services
Tax Planning

Whether you’re structuring an investment portfolio, accumulating wealth, contemplating retirement, or transferring wealth to the next generation, there are a number of tools and strategies that can be implemented to minimise tax.

Tax Planning Services
Gearing Strategies

Positive gearing, negative gearing or no gearing may be appropriate for your circumstances. Let our qualified advisers explain how gearing works and help you with the myriad of decisions required to safely navigate your way to financial independence.

Gearing Strategies Services
Estate Planning

Nexus provides advice on, facilitates and co-ordinates the legal services required to accumulate, protect, and transfer wealth.

Estate Planning
Risk Management

A well-constructed risk management plan should consider the risks that can be avoided, the risks that can be accepted, and the risks that should be insured. The goal of risk management is to ensure your wealth accumulation plan can continue, unforeseen or unfortunate circumstances.

Risk Management Services
Superannuation / SMSF

Superannuation is the most tax effective method of investing in Australia. Understanding how it can be used, both before and after retirement, can have a significant impact on your overall wealth plan.

Superannuation / SMSF Services
Property In Super
Use your superannuation balance as a deposit to purchase property with an SMSF

Use your superannuation balance as a deposit to purchase property within a SMSF. Property inside a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) is a long-term investment strategy. Property can offer income, capital growth and tax deductions within your super. Provided the investment property is carefully selected, you can ensure a positive cash flow to the SMSF meaning you will never have to contribute any additional funds to cover the holding costs of the property.

Property In Super Services

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